Can a dependent spouse be forced to work in Florida?

Video Transcript: No. A dependent spouse will not be forced to work in Florida. Typically, the courts will consider the age, employability and education of the spouse. However, a court may impute income to a spouse if it finds they are underemployed or voluntarily unemployed.

At what age can my children decide where they want to live?

Video Transcript: In Florida, there’s no particular age that a child can decide where they want to live. The court does have the discretion to consider the wishes of the child, however that’s just one factor among many in determining a time sharing schedule and parenting plan. The court will typically consider the age and…

Are Florida courts more likely to award custody/time-sharing to mothers than to fathers?

Video Transcript: Now, in Florida, there is no presumption in favor or against either parent in awarding time sharing. Typically, the courts will consider the best interest of the child. It is public policy for a child to have frequent and continuing contact with both parents.

Are there different types of alimony in Florida?

Video Transcript: Yes, there are different types of alimony in Florida. Some of the types of alimony include Bridge the Gap, Rehabilitative, Durational, Permanent or any combination of these forms. In determining whether to award alimony, the court will consider whether there is an actual need for alimony and ability to pay. Once the court…

What is a living Will?

Video Transcript: A living well is a healthcare directive that allows you to choose someone who will make decisions if you are in a end-stage terminal condition, or two doctors have determined that you have no chance of recovery. In this document you can also determine if you want food or water withheld during those…