(Establishing Parenting, Custody, Time-Sharing, and Child Support).

When people have children out of wedlock (not married), it may result in a Paternity case/suit, which is an action to legally establish the biological father. All children have a biological father, but for the father to be the legal father of a child or children, Paternity has to be legally verified or established. You may be a Mother in need of child support or you may be Father who is being denied access, time or parenting with his child(ren). In either case, you must establish Paternity to secure your rights.

Paternity can be established by biological testing or it can be done by the parents signing a written agreement. The Court may then order that Paternity is established naming the biological and legal father of the child(ren). The Court may also order a specific parenting plan, time sharing, custody arrangement, and child support.

Whether you are a Mother or a Father, the Simmons Law Firm can help you with your rights.