Domestic Violence Injunctions

(Restraining Orders)

Domestic Violence Injunctions (DV’s), which are sometimes called Restraining Orders or Orders of Protection, are commonly connected to other family law matters. There are several types of Domestic Violence Injunctions: Repeat Violence; Dating Violence; Sexual Violence; and Domestic Violence. Each type has specific elements that have to be reviewed and considered before an the Injunction will be granted. Generally, it does not matter whether you are a male or female. Even though the female is most commonly the victim, it is not always the case and a male can also be a victim. Further, a lot of Domestic Violence cases involve a female against a female or a male against a male. Whether you are in need of an Injunction against another individual or if you have been wrongfully accused and need to defend against an Injunction, the Simmons Law Firm can assist you in protecting your rights and livelihood.