(Dissolution of Marriage)

Uncontested & Contested

A Divorce is generally not an enjoyable process and the decision to Divorce can be difficult. Sometimes a Divorce may not be your decision, but you are left with no choice. A Divorce can range from a few simple issues to multiple complex issues. The emotional and financial stress of a Divorce can also make the simple issues seem very complex. Your Divorce may involve property rights, children, debts, child support, alimony, retirement accounts, your home, other real estate and possibly your business.

-Uncontested Divorce: This is when both parties agree on all aspects of the divorce. Although this may seem easy to handle yourself, many times an Uncontested Divorce has come back to haunt one or both parties. For example, the paperwork may not properly completed or some very crucial information may have been overlooked or omitted in the agreement. The Simmons Law Firm can help you complete all the paperwork cost-effectively, which will save you money in the long-run. You need to remember that you have rights and we are here to protect those rights and look after your best interests.

-Contested Divorce: This is when there is at least one issue that the parties cannot agree upon. For example, parenting, custody, support, property rights, etc. It could also be that the parties don’t agree on anything. These divorces can cost a lot of emotional capital (stress) and money. You need an attorney who is prepared to handle this type of case, but who can also shift into a negotiation mode in continued attempts to resolve the case, if desired. Our attorneys have been litigating contested divorces throughout their legal careers and they have the ability to negotiate a good settlement for you, even if your case is highly contested and adversarial.