Business Law/Business Planning/Asset Protection

Are you starting a business? We will walk you through the process of forming your business entity by informing and counseling you on such things as your type of business, entity selection, limited liability protection, decision making authorization, etc. Further, we will assist you above and beyond the initial formation of the business entity and legal documents.

Do you have real property other than your homestead? We can assist you in protecting your assets that you have worked hard to accumulate. Based on each client’s individual and personal situation and risk level, we will assist you in isolating your personal liability from certain future debt, creditors, judgments, etc. Keep in mind that certain actions cannot be taken to protect assets from present and known future creditors per the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.

Do you and your business partner(s) have a succession plan? Whether you are starting as business as discussed above or currently have a business that have multiple partners, owners, member, or shareholders, it is best to have a plan in place in the unfortunate circumstance that a partner, owner, member, or shareholder gets divorced, passes away, or simply wants out of the business. If you do not have a partnership agreement, operating agreement, or bylaws to assist in laying out what shall happen in one of the circumstances listed above, we would be happy to assist. Further, unless you are a one man/woman show, it is advisable that you enter into what is called a buy/sell agreement that further determines the business’s and owners’ actions for the unfortunate circumstances listed above.